Braddon MendelsonFrom television to live theater to the Internet, Noisivision Studios founder Braddon Mendelson has pooled his experience as a writer, director and producer in just about every medium — together with his background as a graphic designer and photographer — to offer full-service custom creative services for his clients.

On the Internet, Braddon’s video work is a diverse and multi-genre, ranging from the controversial series on the Kennedy assassination, The Mysterious Death of Number Thirty-Five, to the fun and inventive children’s video “Cuckoo Concertos,” a Mom’s Choice Awards recipient.

He produces and hosts “Read Me a Story,” where children’s book readings come alive with animations, sound effects and music, and is the director of “CineVerses,” a series of creative poetry videos.

He began his career in television, where he prompted the presenters on the Academy Award and Emmy Award telecasts. He has gone on to produce several independent feature films, including Boogie Boy, starring Marc Dacascos and Frederic Forrest, and executive produced by Roger Avary (Pulp Fiction). Prior to that, he wrote the screenplay adaptation of Ira Levin’s psychological thriller, Veronica’s Room, for Hemdale Communications.

MCA_Logo_5in_150He has also been known as one of the top television comedy writers in Germany. For five years he wrote for Sony Ritas Welt (Rita's World)Television International’s sitcom Ritas Welt (Rita’s World), which was rated consistently as the number one comedy program in all of Deutschland and the recipient of the prestigious Adolf Grimme Preis, the German equivalent of an Emmy.

He currently writes for the online satire publication TheSkunk.org, where he was recently honored with Second Place in the annual Humorfeed Awards for best Internet  humor sites.

He has also written, produced and/or directed award winning music videos for a variety of recording artists, including Ice Cube, Outkast, Smile Empty Soul, Bio Ritmo, Enuff Znuff, Xzibit, Lucyfire, R. Kelly and Orgy, often working alongside top film directors such as F. Gary Gray (The Negotiator), Christopher Erskin, Bille Woodruff and Tim Story (Barbershop).

His work in live theatre includes directing the Radio Television News Association’s annual Golden Mike Awards, writing and directing The Riot Act, a live sketch comedy show at the Hollywood Playhouse and “Melodic Cuisine,” an evening of classical guitar and four part vocal harmonies performed in front of rear-projected video backgrounds.

An alumnus of the the prestigious Warner Brothers Writers Workshop, Braddon resides in the Santa Clarita Valley.