Hummer Sonata

Hummer Sonata

The Hummingbird Movie

Follow the adventures of two newborn hummingbirds as they grow up in their nest. Nurtured by their mother, they test their wings and prepare for their first flight.

Set to a score composed by Johann Sebastian Bach and performed by the United States Air Force Band, the birds in this beautifully photographed and edited musical nature video were filmed over a two-week period in a suburban neighborhood in California. The DVD will make a great gift for the bird lover in your life.

Approx 20 minutes, including bonus footage. 6.99


  • What incredible footage. That nest is built so solid…how do they do that. How did you find this nest, get a camera there, man the camera without disturbibg them?WOW!!Those babies had to muster up courage much bigger than them to fly!!!

    hurricanejones1July 30, 2010
  • Of course; I just found it funny in this context.

    MishaVargasApril 8, 2010
  • Although performances by military bands are not copyrighted and thus are in the public doman, the Air Force Band requests filmmakers to display that disclaimer — as a courtesy, it is not a requirement — at the end of any project that incorporates their performances. — Braddon

    noisivisionApril 7, 2010
  • I like the implication at the end that the United States Air force might not want to be associated with this video.

    I fail to see what opinion is here, except for: “HUMMINGBIRDS!!”

    A lieutenant general, sitting at his computer: “WHAT?! HUMMINGBIRDS?!”

    MishaVargasMarch 2, 2010
  • Maravilhoso… Parabéns.

    Celso MazzeiFebruary 14, 2010
  • molto bello!

    brunobordiFebruary 1, 2010
  • Wonderful video!!!!

    petrakroonJanuary 28, 2010
  • wow…. so beautiful to see what creatures without our intellect are able to do by mere instinct. And very inspiring to see those babies go ahead and fly with no fear!

    ZerjioDecember 31, 2009
  • 1. “Air on a G string”
    2. Something by John Phillip Sousa?

    bachaddictNovember 3, 2009
  • Alsome love hummers have them all summer long I have six feeders out there for them can u tell me what kind of camra u used thanks great job

    dlcoadySeptember 21, 2009
  • Excellant production Well done 5*

    pwalparSeptember 4, 2009
  • that was beautiful

    omgimgfutAugust 8, 2009
  • Thanks for the nice comments. We were priviliged to share our front porch with these little guys for a couple of weeks.

    noisivisionAugust 8, 2009
  • Incredibly beautiful! Nature is that way, but we never get to see it so slowly…..
    Just terrific and the music goes with this beautifully!
    Thank you for sharing this with us! I’m so happy I found it! It had been put on my favorite bar so I can return often. Thanks again!

    TheDesertladyAugust 2, 2009
  • nature is a beautiful thing

    pikachuthemasterJuly 22, 2009

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